SCR888 Slot Malaysia Review 


For the boom on the mobile online slot machine in Malaysia slot betting market, we can not mention the name SCR888. SCR888 launch in the Malaysia market at the best timing in which, the smartphone users rapidly rise and availability of stable and fast 3G mobile data connectivity ant this 2 years.

Prior to 2015, arcade centers are highly popular either in the urban area or rural area in the whole country. Arcade centers were open at the shop, the environment is dark and with the cigarette smell. Players require exchanging RM1 coins at the counter in order to bet on the slot machine. Although it opens 24 hours daily, the personal safety was the risky concern. Players are in pose being robe by robbers with perang at any time and not to mention the local authorities Police or local council ride and you could be hands cuffed out from the arcade shop. Slot games in arcade center in Malaysia are dominated by Playtech slot games platforms like Newtown, Leocity88, and Suncity. Slot games that popular at that period are like Super 8way, Golden Tour, and the most played arcade Horse Racing game.

Why SCR888 so popular and renowned rapid over last 1 year

Emerging of Smartphone and stable internet connection

Over the past few years, there has been a steady rise in the percentage of people in the emerging markets who own and use a smartphone. At the right time SC888 entering mobile betting slot games, this was helping a lot in the acceptance online betting over betting over arcade game centers. Smartphone adoption remains one of the defining factors in technological progress.

High winning

Other than high smartphone adoption, SCR888’s high winning payout is one of the most important factor driven more and more player to hop in the big family. It’s high and easy winning have driven crazy trend and it’s the most talk about slot games platform in the market. You may wonder how SCR888 could sustain the business with the keep paying to players. Our finding is, as a most popular slot game platform, SCR888 using this successful strategy with their smart jackpot payout algorithms, with their intelligent AI system! Their system will auto adjust the payout automatically by its Ai slot game control engine, whenever somebodies lose, then there would be somebodies got their jackpot at the same time. Likewise, you may require striking free bonus out of 100 spins in other online slot game platforms, but you might strike free bonus games just out of 30 spins in SCR888 platform!

Simple and easy to play games

Yes, don't overlook the varieties of games provided. SCR888 offering more than 150 kinds of games. Over those varieties of the game, for you to choose from, name a few below are the most played and make Malaysian crazy and addicted to. Likewise:

  • Great Blue 

An aquatic slot game with a fun sea creatures and crystal clear sound effect plus plenty of exciting payouts. For tips to win Great Blue Slot


  • Highway King 

A retro feel 5 Reels 9 pay lines slot game, graphics colorful, but the symbols look like they were sketched, by the bored artist. All symbols stick closely to the theme, although symbols are associated with driving. Actually, there’s one exception – a pair of red dice – but thankfully there are no Aces, Kings or Queens. A good game to make your winning! Highway King Tip


Base on China ancient tales is filled with incredible creatures, many half men, and half beast. But the main actor no other than Wu Kong the Monkey King Warrior with his supernature abilities. In order to master this slot game, you may need a litter time and patience to study. The betting way is totally different from other push and bet slot game. You need to select which warrior would win. Of course, this is one of the most popular game. The game also calls 王者无敌,战无不胜.


Other than above 3 games, you may not miss to check out on other top 10 SCR888 games
Boy’s King Treasure, Panther Moon, SafariHeat, Thai Paradise, Bonus Bear, Monkey Thunderbolt, and Casino game: Roulette, Baccarat, and Dragon Tiger.

SCR888 Progressive jackpots

SCR888 have a high frequency of giving out progressive jackpots. SCR888 keep giving out jackpots to players to make them make wine. As a player, of course, would happy and addicted to it!


Different type of bonuses is given to either new register players or current loyalty players. In order to recruit the new player, online casino company tends to give out attractive Welcome Bonus, Birthday Bonus. And to maintain current players, such as Daily Bonus, Weekly Cash Back, Free Credit would be given to loyalty players.
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For New Player who willing to handle SCR888, we giving out welcome bonus 10% and Daily Bonus 3% on top of your deposit. For latest promotion update